MADE BY: a craft collective which consist of me and my colleagues David Taylor and ├ůsa Lockner. MADE BY: s process of making is in opposition to the traditional crafts mindset, materials and a framework are provided for those who wish to participate and to take part is to do so fully without restriction. MADE BY: provides the means and release the process allowing those who participate complete the work.

At Eskilstuna Art Museum MADE BY: extended an invitation to dialogue and inclusion. Our actions have consequences whether through involvement or remaining passive, this personal choice is made apparent through the use of 5000 lengths of coloured rope. The audience was invited to take part, by using the material available to build the piece.
What developed was a work loaded with metaphor. A simple action contributes to the growth of a complex structure of interconnected bonds where each knot is an expression of our togetherness and the importance of interaction with our surroundings.