Between Beauty

Between Beauty began in 2002 with an invitation for a group exhibition from the gallery Signerat Silver in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with my colleagues Auli Laitinen, Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding and Magdalena Ringels we have exhibited several times under the name Between Beauty. The work on display changed over time and place.

From the beginning of the project, we felt the text was equally important to the representation of the work. At that time in Sweden, there was an emerging need for more critical writing and discourse within the field of jewellery. We invited Veronica Wiman, curator and art historian, to edit the text used within the first catalogue. A second edition was printed in 2004 with updated text and images.

Our statement for the last exhibition in 2009 at Heidi Low Gallery, USA

The theme of beauty has always been a common thread between us even though our individual approaches have differed. Obviously time has passed and yet this theme of beauty is as present and important as ever. We see that the concept of beauty is ever changing with the influence of time and shifting cultural norms. Beauty is always floating between individual and collective notions of what is attractive and what is ugly. Artistically that is a very exciting space to explore. Given its wearability and being a common part in life of many people, jewellery has a unique potential to operate and engage between the area of the private and public space.